Baby Aria - 100% Organic Fabric Doll

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The sweetest little 100% organic baby doll for pretend play. Baby dolls provide children with the opportunity to build their emotional intelligence and learn vital skills such as empathy, communication, nurturing and how to care for others.

Baby Aria is organically made and OE100 certified. All of her organic 100% cotton clothing is removable, even down to her cloth nappy. Her bottom is filled with PE ( polyethylene ) beans.

Approx. size 43cm high. Suitable from birth: 0+

Made by Tikiri: Tikiri are honest, open, fair and source sustainable, natural material and strive to minimize their negative impact on the environment. They opt for responsible choices versus shortcut price breaks. In addition, they take care of their employees, pay well for their craftsmanship, and provide a work environment that matches the extraordinary pride they put into their work. Handmade in Sri Lanka.

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