CLEARANCE Wooden Puzzle Set - Opposites

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A fun first matching activity that develops into a game as the children grow in confidence and ability. Includes 30 wooden tiles, double-sided to make 30 matching opposites. On one side the label is red and on the other side the label is blue.. this helps to narrow the matches down to make things a little easier for our youngest tamariki.

The opposites included:

  • up - down
  • open - closed
  • left - right
  • old - new
  • wet - dry
  • high - low
  • awake - asleep
  • hot - cold
  • big - small
  • white - black
  • alone - together
  • narrow - wide
  • sad - happy
  • day - night
  • light - dark
  • closed - open
  • messy - clean
  • front - back
  • noisy - quiet
  • fast - slow
  • sour - sweet
  • pull - push
  • long - short
  • spikey - smooth
  • in - out
  • heavy - light
  • liquid - solid
  • soft - hard
  • full - empty

30 pieces, double-sided (60 images) - approx. 5.5 x 6 cm per piece. Recommended for ages 3+.

These puzzles are made with a 3mm ply wood.



An induction to Opposites. A great one on one game to help children settle and connect with their educator.

Group Setting

Set up as a quiet play area, encourage children to engage with each other in conversation. Ask open ended questions to foster learning through play. Children will discover and learn about opposites and the importance each one has. Discuss the colours, shapes and sizes of the object's.


Take the children outside to discuss their puzzle pieces, use the puzzles to evoke imaginative play or find opposites outdoors.

Learning Opportunities

The visual memory involved and the identification of patterns and relationships and similarity and difference help children to learn about early representation and problem solving. Matching and sorting activities can also develop fine motor skills. Cognitive development, critical thinking skills and helps children nurture their attention to detail.

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