1-12 Counting Tiles - Dinosaurs

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An amazing Dinosaur Counting Tile set to delight all young dino lovers! Using high quality images, these colour puzzles feature 12 dinosaur pictures from 1 to 12 and their corresponding number tile. Sure to entertain any dino enthusiast!

This is a fun introduction to dinosaurs, and the engraved number design adds a great tactile sensory component.

24 pieces (1-12 numbers and 1-12 dinosaurs) - approx. 8 x 8 cm per piece. Recommended for ages 3+.

These puzzles are made with a 3mm ply wood



Perfect for a puzzle table. Children can enjoy counting the Dinosaurs and learning their number sequences through play. If using the number tiles as well they can match the pictures to the number tiles. A great individual game or calming activity for children with an educational element.

Group Setting

Encourage children to discuss the pieces and numbers to promote self esteem and social skills in a group environment. Children can take turns at matching the numbers with the picture tiles. They can also play a group game of memory where the picture and numbers are matched. These versatile tiles are also a great size for stacking, balancing and building with, promoting fine motor skills, innovation and patience.

Learning Opportunities

Fine motor skills development, counting, speaking, confidence, adding and subtracting and numeracy. Developing a better understanding of dinosaurs and nature.

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