Wooden Flower Press

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A beautiful way to explore nature, forage and create. A neat gift for the creative minded nature lover.

Preserve beautiful flowers, petals and leaves that you have gathered. Use them to create pieces of art or decorations.

How to press your flowers:

  • Layer flowers between two sheets of the wax paper, and then place the flowers and wax paper between two sheets of cardboard.  
  • You can layer a number of different levels in your Flower Press, just be sure to not have flowers and petals touching each other.
  • It's best to press flowers that are completely dry, to avoid mould.
  • Secure the top layer of ply, using the washers and wing nuts. Don't try to tighten the nuts too much to start with... easy does it!
  • Every few days, tighten the wing nuts just a little bit more.
  • It will generally take 2-3 weeks for your flowers to press.

Dimensions: Approx 29.5cm long by 20cm wide.

Strictly for ages 3+ (under adult supervision), due to small pieces - screws, washers and wing nuts. Adult help may be required particularly when your Flower Press is new, until the screws loosen a little in the press.

Handmade in NZ using sustainable ply, recycled cardboard and unbleached, chlorine free wax paper. Flower Press is sealed with an NZ-made natural, non-toxic (VOC free), water based oil which is approved for use on wooden toys according to European standards.

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