Wooden Stampers Set - Bugs

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The bugs stamper set is great fun for use in sand, in playdough or as a craft activity. Its super versatile too! One top side of the stamp is engraved with the bug, the reverse side features a layered bug (thick enough to make an impression) and also includes six matching bug cutouts which fit over the layered bug like a puzzle. There are 6 bug stamps in the set - Bee, Butterfly, Spider, Worm, Snail and Dragonfly.

Recommended age 3+. Includes 6 bug cards and their 6 matching cutouts (12 pieces total). Approx. 8 x 6 cm, made with 3mm sustainable plywood and come in a linen drawstring bag.

Every piece of wood used is slightly different in colour, texture and grain with naturally occurring imperfections seen in the timber (e.g knots, colour changes, etc). These pieces of timber are cut on an engraver and will have slight burnt marks on the edges on some sides. The best way to keep these raw timber resources hydrated and well-nourished is with a natural oil or wax, like beeswax polish.


Use at the play dough table or at the art area, encourage the child to make an artwork with the stamps, engage in conversation about what he/she is making, and discuss the Bugs, where they live, what they do, etc.

Group Setting
Art group activity, could extend on the sustainability and look for natural resources to play such as sand, dirt, or make your own paints by crushing rocks. Great for educating about bugs names, and open discussions about wild life.

Take out to the sand pit with little brushes and bury them get the children to carefully dig for the stamps then use them to create a bug scene in the sand.

Learning Opportunities
Develops fine motor skills, develop creative skills such as inventiveness thinking and imagination. Communication skills by discussing what they have made with the stamps, turn taking skills in sharing the stamps, learn sustainability from using the wood cutoffs to make these stamps. Learn about wildlife and animals.

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