What is it about dinosaurs?

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Chances are, your preschooler has been through a stage of being over the top, crazy obsessed about dinosaurs. Or some other creature, maybe it’s vehicles, or unicorns or fairies.

If it is dinosaurs, they can no doubt name more dinosaurs than you even knew existed. They can tell you what they ate, the way they moved and even right down to the type of sound they made. And boy are they more than willing to share their knowledge on the subject. Many parents will not remember when the obsession began.

Scientists label this obsession in children an ‘Intense Interest’. When these intense interests form, and are explored, an incredible process begins. Children of course increase their knowledge of their chosen interest and are super proud of their ability to wow their audience with the facts and details. As well as that, on a deeper level, they begin to lengthen their attention spans – an awesome way to set the foundations for their future learning once they reach primary. They increase their ability to process useful information, handy!  Put simply, the exploration of intense interests starts to build the foundations of our ability to form careers as adults… woah!

For me personally, I aim to embrace and encourage my children’s intense interests to flourish. So, I’m off to learn more about racecars.

If its dinosaur knowledge you need to brush up on. This is a good place to start: https://www.sciencekids.co.nz/sciencefacts/dinosaurs.html



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